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Sunday, February 12, 2012

So sad

I was yakking on the phone last night with my sister when I glanced at my computer to see Whitney Houston had died.  I don't really know why it hit me so hard but it did.  I instantly felt so sad.  Although no cause of death has been revealed yet, I'm not thinking at 48, Whitney died of natural causes but, could have happened.  More than likely, not, but damn...what a beautiful voice (past) and gorgeous woman, lost so soon.

Yesterday afternoon's dove hunting did not happen.  A certain girl got a much needed bath and afterwards was snuggled up in one of the white chairs in here with her dad and I.  Since she's usually a little damp even after blow drying her fur, I wrapped her up in a dry towel and then threw a fleece over her while I washed her bed fluffies.  (And, yes, I once again put a fresh out of the dryer warm fluffy on her, and as per usual, she groaned.)  The unreal part is, she didn't move for the rest of the afternoon--not even to go outside.  She only got up around dinner time because she could smell the pork tenderloin we'd cooked.  She's no dummy.

The Grammy's are on tonight and I plan to possibly channel surf from 7-8, and then it's Downton Abbey all the way.  Tonight the Spanish flu hits Downton and Cora gets it, from what it appears on the teaser.  Now, I'm not thinking Matthew is going to jump out of his wheelchair tonight, but watch for more clues.  Ya know it's going to happen.  All his plumbing is going to start working, if you get my drift, and then Lady Mary isn't going to be able to get away from the horrid guy she's engaged to, without a huge scandal, and she won't do that to Matthew.  Plus, we have the little red-headed fiance' of Matthew's to contend with also.  Don't you just love a good English soap??  I read somewhere that Shirley Maclaine will be joining the cast so there's no telling what's in store for next season.  Fasten your seat belt.  This ought to be great!

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