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Tuesday, February 14, 2012


If you aren't a friend of Scarletta or Benji's on FB, you may not know they leave in a week for Switzerland and a C and W festival.  I know...who knew the Swiss were that big of fans of C and W music but apparently they are.  They festival is flying the whole band there for a few days and putting them up in a hotel.  I'm thinking Scarletta needs to get some Lederhosen and learn how to yodel while they are there.  Yooo-de-lay-hee-who.  Hey, Leann  Rimes can do it...why not Scarletta? 

Andrea's Mother and Daddy were in town last night so we had them over for a glass of wine before we headed to La Duni for dinner.  Sis was her usual ingratiating self and I finally had to peel her off of Marianne.  Since they have an Airedale, Stella, they are used to dogs but perhaps not Sis.  Francisco wanted to see Fred's pellet gun and when Fred brought it into the den, we all howled when Sis went into "hunting mode", running out her doggie door to patrol for squirrels.  Mind you it was pitch black dark outside and she was still ready to go.  (eye roll)

Marianne and I have already decided we want Scarletta to get invited back to the Swiss Festival next year so we can go.  We'd all fly over and meet them there, hang out and see them perform, and then take off and travel some place fun.  Yes, it would be cold but who cares??  Fondue will fix that.

Happy Valentine's Day to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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