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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Heeee's baaaaack

So far, I have made tortilla soup, queso with sausage, and I have the last load of tamales on standby, should we need them to keep the Patriots from winning.  My theory is, We eat the tamales, Tom Brady gets fat and slow, and loses.  Genius, no?  He never knows what hit him or why.  Personally, I'm lovin' it. 

Now for the Nature report: our local hawk is back and bigger than ever.  I'm not sure where he's dining these days but he is definitely livin' large and looks like he could lift up a small dog.  The good news is, that definitely lets Sister off the hook.  He'd need a crane to lift her. We saw him this morning on our way to John's for breakfast, and the crows were squawking and attempting to dive bomb him to run him off.  I think he's a red tailed one and boy, is he beautiful.

No bunny sightings recently and that's a good thing considering that hawk.  I don't think he could lift that rabbit a la dead weight, but then I could sure be wrong.  Eww.  I don't even want to think about that.  I just looked out and all of the dogs and little monkeys on our block are outside getting their walks and playtime in, prior to the start of the game.  I just saw the little brother with the three older sisters who lives a few houses down from us, hurrying to keep up with the pack.  God love him...he's the one that fell in our mail basket on Halloween, banged his head, and screamed like a banshee.  Fred had to give him extra candy to shut him up.  Those older sisters are just gonna mop the floor with him but oh, well.  Lord knows it's happened to loads of little sisters, with older brothers, and one of them would be me.

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