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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Cleatus and Suerte

After yesterday's frustrating attempts to get here, we are finally in our spot and after a late night, we are tired but happy.  This morning we went to the Basalt Farmers Market and had a mid morning breakfast burrito from one of the vendors and bought farm raised fresh organic produce.  Music played, dogs were all over, but my favorite find of the morning was Suerte the goat.  According to her mother, she thinks she's a dog and does not hang with the other goats.  Period.  She goes everywhere a dog would go, comes and sits beside the owners as they sell their (goat) cheeses, and rests in the bottom half of a dog crate, with soft bedding.  Just goes to show you that you can be whatever you want to be, as long as you believe it in your heart.  Suerte sure does.                                  

 I've decided that no matter where we go in the world, one or more dachshunds will find us or we will find them.  After running into a younger brother of a close friend of Benji's in the Denver airport, I looked as a familiar shaped snoot nudged it's way up and out of an unzipped animal carrier.  Cleatus.  I'd have known that nose anywhere.  A brindled red mini doxie at 14 pounds, I was smitten immediately and moved in for a respectful meet and greet.  Friendly and mega sweet, he was tired and ready to get to Aspen.  Once on the ground in Aspen, he knew exactly where he was and according to his mom, knows Aspen "only as the gateway to swimming, hiking, barking and as much fun as 14 lbs. can tolerate."  Off his leash and chasing around by baggage claim, he was in his element. 

My partner just noticed "a varmit" in the yard (a red marmot) and as I listen to the sounds of the river rushing past, the clouds are beginning to gather.  I can see a father and young son upriver from us fishing and a red float-boat upriver from them, also fishing.  Paradise.  Or as close as I can get to it today.

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