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Monday, August 25, 2014

Wig lady

I saw one of my favorite people today at the Cleaners this morning.  If you are a Sunshine Cleaners patron, you already know who I'm talking about.  The African American lady who wears all the different wigs--depending on her mood-- and Lordy, does she have a collection. 
Today's wig was a subtle red one I've seen before, that's fluffy and full and she looks like one hot mama in it.  She's probably close to my age--hard to tell since black don't crack-- and she's just fun.  Anybody who'd wear that wig would have to be.
Dropping off my stuff, we got laughing about "back to school".  I was telling her I don't even have little kids anymore but could totally remember that feeling driving away after dropping them off for the first day....just a total WOO HOO!!!  She started laughing and said every single mom that had come in so far--and it was only 10AM--had said the same thing.  Yippeeee.

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