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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Oh, Sis.....

Lawd...lawd...lawd.  Word from home is a certain black hound was not happy yesterday when her brother left her home alone for awhile.  Sooo much so that she dragged his clothes all the way from his bathroom floor, thank you, into the den.  The dog shrink in me says this is a twofold issue: 1) abandonment behavior by a highly emotional hound  attempting to comfort herself by lying on his clothes and smelling his smell in her spot--the den  2) a pissed off hound protest and he's lucky she didn't do worse. Either way, her dad and I have laughed our heads off thinking about her and how much effort that was.  At least she was busy. 

Dachshunds are legendary for their protest behavior.  We had a male dachshund growing up (Chips) that chewed up the blinds when we went out to dinner and left him home alone in a new place.  Another doxie that was mine, Liebe, chewed up my favorite  new shoes.  Total spite and a "back at ya"....thy name is dachshund.
It's drippy rainy outside and people out back are kayaking, rafting, and having fun even if that water has to be cold as a well diggers shovel.  No matter.  We, however, are chillin', drinking coffee with the windows and screen door w-i-d-e open and reading.  Delish.

We saw the resident red marmot late yesterday afternoon and I just wish he wasn't so shy.  By the time you get your phone camera out, he's long gone.  Even if you get prepped ahead of time, he's still faster.   So far we've seen a doe and fawn (elk? it was dark), the marmot  x2, and a big black bear.  Hopefully, more to come.

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