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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Polo and legal pot stores...what a day

I tried posting earlier but kept getting thrown off our wifi.  Welcome to the mountains.  Today has been a hoot.  On our way to check out Glenwood Springs this morning, as we passed Carbondale we saw a Polo match in progress.  Screech.  Back we went to see it.  The Aspen Polo Club kicks some serious butt and the horses that board there have some snazzy accommodations in their barn. As one groom took in a horse that had just come from the last chukka, I smiled and moseyed in right behind him.  Another groom saw me and since he spoke English, laughed and officially invited me in and said I could look around.  Melt.  Horses and my love of them goes w-a-y back, so I met and loved on several.  One was even softer than Sis...and I died right there in the barn.  I'm a total sucker for a horse-- but a soft horse kills me--especially a shaved muzzle Polo pony.  They are jazzy, love to run and play polo, are incredible athletes, and just generally cool horses unless they are nutty--and some are. 

After dragging myself from the barn, we headed on to Glenwood Springs, a late lunch, and a stroll into a rock and gem store that almost did me in.  A Turkish opal necklace that was hunks and chunks of these unbelievable pieces of blue opal that were unlike anything I'd ever seen, made. me. drool.  It called to me.    And of course I tried it knew I did.  I haaad to.  I tried on lots of others, too, and finally took the gal's card and got myself out of there.  She has a big honking strand of turquiose that's still calling my name and my sweet husband offered to get me, but he's done enough.  (Hint: I still have her card so it's not over 'til it's over.  I can always call. :)

After touring Glenwood Springs thoroughly and seeing the hot springs, we headed back.  We did see two marijuana stores since pots legal here--one for medicinal use only, staffed by Med students and requiring a prescription-- and the other for more recreational purposes.  Earlier in the week we'd checked out the two in Carbondale.  Word in Colorado is, pot is bringing in more revenue than anyone ever guessed--35 million in the first 4 months-- and other than every purchase being put in a child proof white zipper envelope required by law, that's pretty much it.  When they found out we were from Texas one guy said, "Texas is our #1 purchaser.  We sell more to you guys than anyone else.  Texas should just vote and make it legal and make the money we are."  Clearly he does not know Texas. 

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