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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

While I wait...

While I wait for the AC men to show up, I thought I might cuss and discuss for a second.  Today I know among other things that this too shall pass, whatever your this may be.  Even the Bible says "and it came to pass".  It does not say "and it came to stay".  Therefore, all the craziness that's going on in the world is temporary and the less energy and emotion we give it, the faster it will go.  Whatever we focus on, we make larger. Ditto negativity.  The only thing I know for sure that I can change, is my attitude, and concentrating on the positives always works. 

A gratitude list has been the quickest way for me to turn myself around and there's so much I've been given (and, no, I don't mean material stuff) and can be grateful for, that the list just goes on and on.  We all get down.  Just don't forget to get back up.

Yesterday morning I heard Disney voices outside and looked out to see Claire and Baby John with their nanny, walking Claire down the block to school.  Picture it...Claire all dressed up with her hair in a fetching side braid and Baby John in his shorts wearing a red baseball hat.  My face immediately split into a huge grin and I could not stop laughing.  Little stuff.  But b-i-g stuff.  The laughter, the joy, the peace.  Beats the heck out of the news any day. 

*** And the AC guy just drove up.  Funny how that works.

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