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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sounds fun, doesn't it?

This morning in the shower I had a total epiphany.  Now that we are going to have a grand baby in Nash it makes sense to think about where we'll stay when we go to visit.  Yes, we can always do the hotel scene but that's going to get old at some point and is frankly kind of gross.

So here's my idea: Benji and Andrea may buy a house at some point-- and with their permission-- my idea becomes a reality.  For their privacy and ours, what if we bought a Tiny House (movable) and parked it in their "someday" back yard?  Towable and fully customizable, we could have our own space and they could, too.  I'm thinking a tiny kitchen, Keurig or Nespresso maker, refrigerator/freezer, tiny bathroom and maybe a deck.... and, wow, we're set.  They come with full AC and lots of insulation so we'd be cool or toasty, depending on the season.
When we aren't there, they could use it for friends or other family, an office, or whatever.  They could even Airbnb it, too, for additional income.... but that could get creepy with strangers.  Maybe just friends or friends of friends. Dunno.

If/when they move, we hitch it up and take it to their next home or if we're tired of it by then, sell it as part of their house and recoup our initial investment.  When I tossed my idea out at lunch, Dadamon died laughing-- and loved it.  He broke into a huge grin and said it was a really fun idea.  He did mention stuff like code issues, how to get it in and out if they have a fence--all stuff that requires a little more research on my part--not to mention home ownership for Andrea and know...minor stuff like that.   It's ideas, thinking, playing, researching like this, that really keeps my motor going.

And did I mention I'm dying for a Tiny House?  Well, I am.

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