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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Head bang, head bang, head bang...

Today is Benji's 30th birthday and we are getting a new furnace installed.  Dang, my life is glam.  Considering our old one is a little over half Benji's age, it's time to quit putting perfume on this pig, and just get a new pig.  Since I need to be here to babysit the install, I've decided to at least use my time well and we all know that's code for cook.  I may even clean out the kitchen cabinets (and again I may not, too.)  It all depends on how hot it gets and for how long. Since we have two systems, Sis and I may be just fine. Right now is lovely.

What's NOT so lovely is dealing with the 1950's jicky construction issues of this old house.  What a hot mess. the you hear a bulldozer?  I think I do. 

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