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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Skillet brownies for the win

This morning I feel like a big old box of sunshine.  My slow cooker is chuffing away with a pot roast, the yard guys just finished mowing, blowing, and in a few cases raking, and I have the rest of the day to just get my happy on.  Again, that usually means cooking, or thinking about it.  My biggest quandary is what to cook next.  Sooo many choices, so little time.

Do I make zucchini bread or muffins, or one of the new little skillet brownie recipes I found?  With a blob of vanilla ice cream on top, sprinkled with toffee bits, I'm seriously leaning skillet brownies.  Plus, I get to use my teeny little individual skillets again.  And let's get real here...I get to eat one.  Or at least one anyway. 

On another note, I'm so tired of robo or out of area calls (to get around the do not call list), I'm seriously considering dropping my land line.  The ripple effect will be something to consider since several things will need to upgrade as a result but I'm about ready.  My partner will give me his automatic knee jerk "No" but he'll come around.  He always does.

The boys learned early if they really wanted something, to approach mom first and try to sell her on your idea.  If she buys in, Dadamon is simply a matter of time.  Mom will nag him for you.

**  If the boys are reading this, they are laughing their heads off.  They KNOW it's true.

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