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Wednesday, September 17, 2014


After last nights big reveal from Andrea and Benji and watching FB light up with well wishes from their families and friends, I am one grateful MayMay to be.  I won't go into the story about how they orchestrated to tell the Gonzalez's and Harris' but let's just say a LOT of planning went into it and it was down to split second timing, Face Time and a Mac recording the whole thing, Benji texting delivery ninja Erin Spalding to "GO", and the doorbell wringing with no one there.  Just two adorable boxes sitting on the porch--one marked Gonzalez, and the other one Harris. Erin also did the gift wrap (which blew my mind in it's perfection and adorableness) but that's a whole different story.  If this is a look at grandparent hood, I REALLY LIKE IT already!  And we get a baby, too???  What a deal!                    
I also love the continuity.  Erin and Andrea have been close forever.  Erin was there with Marianne and me the day Andrea found her dress.  Erin was all bidness that day and told Andrea to try on her favorite dress LAST, and she was totally correct.  She was Andrea's only attendant in Capri.  And now this.  Wow.   I can't wait to see the next chapter. 

Thank you Andrea, Benji, and Erin for making such a HUGE moment even bigger!                                      

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