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Saturday, June 21, 2014


My head is still spinning from yesterday and I can hardly believe it's OVER.  Finally.  After an almost ten year lawsuit against my family's company that went on to the Appeals Court and then on to the Texas Supreme Court, we got word yesterday that....WE WON.  Because our case would be setting a precedent in Texas, the Supreme Court took it's time releasing it's findings--almost 2 1/2 years--and yesterday was an EARTHQUAKE.

To say that this was a whipping of epic proportions and an exercise in ugly does not even begin to tell the tale.  The lessons learned at our end were valuable-- and painful.  The other side??  Hard to say what, if anything, they learned but, boy, howdy, we sure did.

When I went by yesterday to tell mom, she was at lunch.  At first I could tell she was not with the party at all, so I just visited and continued on.  Since she was one of the people named in the lawsuit and her dad started our company, I figured she might get the drift if I continued, and honey, she DID.

When I told her we won, her face lit up, her eyes sparkled, she hollered out, and then choked, and started laughing!  She yelled so loud she scared a lady at the table with us who had dozed off.  I could tell she wanted me to tell it again, so I did, and as I came to the end she yelled "WE WON!"

Those are the first intelligible words she has said in 2-3 weeks.

 For the person who initiated the lawsuit, I can only be grateful she did NOT prevail and, oddly, I feel sorry for her.  What she set in motion is only coming back at her and there's simply no place to hide.  Greed will do that.

This was her plan for our company (and more) and she was almost successful.  Bad news for her?  She got it instead.                                   

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