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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Snoopage Scoopage---update


This update is hot off the press, straight from the front yard.  I put on my PI badge and here's what I found out: My block source says that super shy walking lady's name is actually Ruth, and she has lived with her elderly mom, for maybe 15 years.  It seems her mom was doing her usual chores --whatever that is at 96--when she keeled over and died.  Ruth then called 911 but her mom was ...well... already dead.  Boom.  Outta there.  Nice way to exit.

Now for the reported smell.  My source says it was actually a dead squirrel that the source was standing practically on top of, and that was the horrible smell--NOT Ruth's dead mother.  (If you aren't laughing now I give up.)

Truth be told, I honestly liked the other story better.  Much more sensational and dramatic. 

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