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Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Here's how my life is going....another week of this thing sitting right where it is until the Magnatron comes in and can be installed.  Oh, yeah....I don't want to forget this part, too.  The Grand Canyon in the kitchen where this baby used to be. It's enormous. Yes, I can still cook but aesthetically, this is just WRONG. 

I never realized how much I relied on my micro for just super quick stuff and I hate looking at that...... hole.  Enough whining.  Just wanted to be sure you felt my pain.                                              

And speaking of pain, I'm not sure Sis is feeling all that great.  As her resident Vet Tech, I'm thinking her meds for her Cushing's disease are giving her an upset tummy.  Her dad thinks it's her "trashing" but I haven't seen much of that lately.  Maybe when he lets her out at night she gets busy.  (eye roll)

Essentially, she's on chemo and we all know that makes you feel lousy.  After med's for her recent gastritis, she was a totally different girl so she may win herself a trip to the Vet today.  Right now she is "under observation" on my clinical decision unit in the den.  With nothing to report to the Vet other than she's just not herself, that's not a lot to go on and that means blood work.  Definitely not her favorite or my check books.

Our blackberry bushes are producing but I think we may have some weirdness going on with them.  Lots of the berries start out and then poop out, never getting all big and juicy.  Don't know if the bushes are just too young and undeveloped to handle the load or what, but I'll be researching to see what the deal is. 

Am giving blogging a go when the spirit moves me so maybe you see me, maybe you don't.  That's how I roll these days. 

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