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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Lazy Saturday

While Sis is gone with her dad to get a mani/pedi at the vet, I harvested my basil on the driveway.  No, I'm NOT willing to trim her claws myself because I ALWAYS hit the quick, she yips and acts like I've tried to cut off her paws and that's just more drama than I can handle.  As it is, she gets to go in the car--even if it IS to her least favorite place on Earth--and she gets to come home with her BFF.  It's not like she's staying-- but you can't convince her of that so don't bother. 

Here she is now and the good news is she's lost the two pounds her doctor wanted her to lose so she's a lean, mean, fighting machine with trimmed nails.  Go, Sis!!  She did the usual shakes on the way over in protest of going to "that place where NOTHING GOOD happens" but hung her head out with ears flying the entire way home.  How do you spell relief?  Riding HOME.

 This pic is not representative of how much basil is truly in the red bucket and the small container next to it but here is what all I cut.
The angle makes the bucket look small and it's anything but!  What you can't see is a new basil plant at 11 o'clock in the aloe vera pot that went rogue and is doing it's own thing from last years seeds.  He's going to run out of room in that pot so I may try and transplant him today and see if he can handle the stress.  He's the good specie--Genovese--that has those giant big floppy leaves that fit perfectly on a tomato slice. Like this:
Is it lunchtime yet????

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