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Wednesday, June 18, 2014



Lord love me....I can get myself in more pickles than most sane folks.  Last night as we were walking Sis after dinner, we started talking about the house in the next block down--right where we were at the time--where someone had died last week and had not been found for several days.  Wow...the stench was awwwwful and I guess that's what made someone finally call 911.

Anyway, occasionally I'd see a lady about my age mowing the yard, and walking, but never anyone else.  She was nice enough but NOT a talker and very shy.  I simply could not imagine she was the one who had died, so my big fat idea was for us to walk down the driveway and snoop around and see if there was anyone inside.  While I kept Sis, Bruce (HEAD SNOOPER) walked down the driveway and comes hauling back saying there's a light on inside and that he thinks there's someone in the house.  Seeing him run like a scaredy cat made me howl so I suggest we both go back, with our ghost buster, Sis.  So we did.  Just as I'm taking it all in, I see movement out of the corner of my eye and it's the shy lady walker looking out the window, wondering what in the world we (I) are/am doing snooping around down her driveway.

I sheepishly wave and realize I am ALL ALONE, and that Bruce and Sis have hauled it up the driveway to the sidewalk, in front of the house.  You know... normal people territory.  I immediately turn and take the walk of shame back up the driveway where Head Snooper is now howling.  Even Sis is laughing. I am sooo busted.

I STILL don't know who died but my mission is to find out.  I'm thinking maybe shy walker lady may have lived with her elderly mother (?) but where was she for several days when whoever it was, died?   Stay tuned as I attempt to solve this mystery and stay out of trouble.  Maybe. 

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  1. bahahahahahahahahahahaha! I love that your are my neighbor!