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Monday, July 14, 2014

Cold, crunchy....oh yeah

Because I've got other things to tend today, I'm thinking wrap sandwiches for din-din.  If you haven't tried Zoe's slaw, grab your keys and go get some.  In a pita or a wrap--meat or no meat-- or even all alone, it's THE BEST.  Throw some cold chicken on it and there's dinner in my book.  I've got one of those smaller watermelons, some other fruit, some spreadable Boursin cheese for celery or carrot sticks, or even as a spread on the wrap, so I'm thinking dinner is DONE.  In the can.  OVER.  And did I mention some naughty 'tater chips?  Yep.  Got those too.              
And speaking of wraps, the weekend wrap up goes like this:  Sis is still recovering (non-stop napping) from playing hostess with the mostess to Fin all weekend.  (Having guests really takes it out of you especially when you are expected to share and you've sort of forgotten how that works.)   She and Fin got along great--it was just the thought of having to share that fried Sis.  No, you can't sit in my dad's lap.   No, not my mom either.  They are MINE.  Get your own.  Oh....yours are out of town?  Cry me a river, honey. 

My book (Gone Girl) has finally caught on fire and I can barely stand taking a reading break to do other things.  The first two hundred or so pages took way too long to get to the action part for me, but we are in the thick of it now.  Lordy.

Shhhh....time to go read.

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