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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Thank you, Nellie!

I am making Nellie Connally's Perdnales Peach ice cream with my Mr. Lemley's peaches from yesterday's Farmers Market run.  I can hear the soft purr of the electric ice cream freezer from where I am and it's music to my ears.  I have not made this recipe in over twenty years so converting it from the old timey ice cream freezers to the upscale smaller whipper snapper ones is taking some adjusting.  For example, the recipe doesn't say how much whole milk (liquid lard) to add.  It just says fill to within two inches of the can.  The can she's referring to used to hold a blubber ton more than today's cans so I am experimenting.  I have put my taste buds to the test and am guesstimating. 

My assistant gets sort of snooty when I ask for his help as ice cream making is usually his domain.  He'll take over if you waffle for even a second so you have to constantly let him know who is boss.  (You'd think he'd know by now, wouldn't you, but whatever.)  Example:  As I was reasoning through how to adjust the recipe and asked how much each freezing container held, he took the the measuring cup with my mix in it and allllllll most dumped it in-- before I stopped him.  After that, I just fired him.  I don't need an assistant that goes rouge on me.

I just checked and we are about at this stage:
Not much longer before we dump it all out and put it in the freezer to ripen, and commence the next batch.

Truth be told, I had to sweet talk my assistant into coming back-- briefly--to help me dump out load #1 and get the next batch going. I paid him in ice cream and he helped wash (lick and eat) all the remaining ice cream out of freezer container #1.  He was eyeballing the dasher, but that part had to go back into service but it won't be long before he can have that part too.  And then this:
Need a spoon???

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