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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Hud and Fin

The experiment begins.  We are critter sitting the Small's dog, Finley, and so far, she is a PEACH.  Because none of the usual grand-dog sitters were available, we got to have her.  I've already kept her when Hudson was a baby so we're "acquainted".  She even slept under the covers with me back then so I already know this teeny little Malti Poo is zero trouble.

I wish I could say the same for Sis. Sis has already "sampled" Finley's food but the reverse is not true.  Let's just say Fin's manners are w-a-y better than Sis's and Sis's food is probably not near as tasty as Fin's.  Given that Sis is a big fan of alley trash, that's not saying a lot.  After another round of stomach upset following an episode of trash binging, she's back on antibiotics.  After this, I think her dad has dropped the hammer on further alley trashing at night before bed.  We can only hope so.   Sis will eat anything.  I think she's part goat.

Sis is also suddenly very "needsie".  She needs reassurance that she's still numero uno, biggest and bestest, Queen of EVERYTHING.  After that, and a kiss or two, she's fine.  Not a growl, not a peep.  Nada.

The Smalls are taking Hudson to camp and that's why Fin was not invited.  This is his first time at spend the night camp and two pals he knows are going also.  My bet is, he will have one bout of homesickness just like everybody does the first year, and then not want to come home.  I'm so excited for him.  A new world is about to open up for him and he's going to absolutely love it.  Yay, camp!!!!!  Love you, Hudson! 
***This was intended for yesterday but I had technical difficulties.  Bummer.

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