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Sunday, July 13, 2014


Here's a list of the things I know (or think I know) today.

1.  Finley is the funniest thing on 4 legs.  Her growl sounds like something from Disney animation and if she wants into the bedroom where you are napping, all kinds of sounds are going to emit from her.
2.  I have decided that Finley has RLS--my personal diagnosis.  Since she twitches and kicks in her sleep, I've decided she has a dog version of restless leg syndrome.
3.  She's perfectly comfortable with us because: at first she thought I was my sister, her grandmother, who she adores and adores her.  Second, she and Sis just kind of hang and she no longer defers to Sis, and last, she has begun to do that what.....I didn't hear you thing all dogs do, when they want to do what they want to do, and you want them to do something else.
4. Wiggles could do the same look and look smashingly handsome-- all at the same time-- so you couldn't possibly get mad at him.  I called it The Man Dog look.  With Fin, it's just pure cuteness.
5.  Today I know I have three shadows.  Most folks just have one.  Sis and Fin are the other two.  If I change rooms, guess who else does?
6.  And finally, add another scalp to Fin's belt.  The chief has fallen hard for her despite trying not to appear disloyal to his main squeeze, Sis.  And... another one bites the dust.                                                        

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