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Monday, November 4, 2013


Bang.  First thing this morning I set two important boundaries that I had known were coming and both were done by 8:15AM.  Now that's what I call efficiency.  Especially on a Monday.  Nothing feels better to me than setting a limit with someone (no it was not Bruce) on what's acceptable to me and what's not, when I have reached that point.  There is such personal freedom and relief in setting limits for people who simply do not get it or don't want to get it. 

 I was nice-- just firm and direct-- and what others choose to do with my boundary is their choice.  They don't have to like it and they probably won't.  That's OK.  I still have the right to take care of myself and not be railroaded by someone elses agenda.  Everybody violates a boundary once in awhile, unintentionally, and then has to clean up their mess.  That's called personal accountability.  That does not mean it's OK to keep mowing over someone else and then just say " oh, sorry".   People that do that are sending you a very clear message.

Today I know if I want to know what's really going on with someone, I watch their actions.  All the words in the world are just that.  Words.  Words are cheap.  Easy.  Flow right off the tongue.  Watch and see if their words and actions match.  If they don't, pay attention to the actions--not the words.  Their actions will tell you everything you need to know. If their actions have a repeating pattern, you know.

On another note, I went by to check on mom the other day and showed her Halloween pic's of the Smalls and told her what's been happening.  When I got ready to leave, I told her I had to go home and figure out dinner.  I had no clue what I was cooking.  That's when she told me she "was going out to dinner".  I liketa d-i-e-d.  I said "You sure are" and thought to myself..."all the way down the hall to the dining room."  I chuckled the whole way home. 

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