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Thursday, November 14, 2013


I greeted.  I seated.  I'm pooped, and Feast of Sharing is in the can.  I don't know how many people I greeted/seated or how many miles I walked but suffice it to say I am done.  In fact, after 3 hours of non-stop standing, walking, shouting to be heard over the music and being "ON" with no break, I finally went over to the drinks station and got a water for myself and a Sprite for one of my gal pals from the Potter's House.  Those ladies were a complete hoot and let me be a pretend "Potter" for the day.  I got to be a real "sista girl" and loved it.

Once the gates opened, our greeter job was to step forward into the flow of humanity, welcome them and ask a guest how many in their party, immediately start walking them towards the tables and seat them, while pointing out all of the freebies, and hoof it back for the next one.  Think of a rushing river of hungry people and you've pretty much got it.  Guests in wheel chairs went to the ends of tables so a chair could easily be removed for them.  The first several hundred guests were easy until all the tables in the Centennial building started filling up.  Guests were allowed to enjoy the music and stay and eat as much as they wanted for as long as they wanted.  Many were with family and/or friends.  As some folks vacated the table, you had to find a spot for the ones just coming in.  Volunteers with signs were to help you spot empty places, but walking, talking, and looking to find a clean spot, and being friendly and welcoming as you did it, is a lot going at warp speed.  For me anyway.

Did I mention these guests wanted to eat?  Well, they DID.  I schlepped extra plates of food and beverages when necessary and when one elderly man asked me "Can I eat again?", it thrilled me down to my tennis shoes to personally hand him another loaded plate.  After the pumpkin pie, there was a Bluebell truck inside the building with dixie cups for anyone who wanted it and, honey, they did.  Shazam.  Food disappeared right before your eyes.

There were Medical tables where your blood pressure could be checked and I couldn't see what was happening at the Dental table...maybe free toothbrushes.  There were jumping houses for the kids, face painting, pictures with Santa, free new socks for anyone needing them, and most did.  Some people spent the night last night outside the building, in order to get a free meal, and come inside to be treated like people

I'm so glad I did it and I'm so glad it doesn't happen again for another year.  I'm whupped. 

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