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Tuesday, November 19, 2013


OK...I admit it.  I'm one of those women.  The kind that laugh and have a best friend relationship with my hair dresser.  Kevin is the funniest person alive and we both truly believe were brother and sister in another life.  We tell family stories back and forth and it's a competition to see if we can shock each other.  Sadly, it never happens. 

 When he told me he calls one of his sisters "Jan Brady", is when I realized that is me-- in my family.  Even though she's bratty and pesky, Kevin says she's the only sibling he can deal with.  His younger brother is developmentally disabled and his older sister is....well, let's just say.... a piece of work.

Kevin was describing the latest skirmish between his sisters over a butt ugly piece of crystal, his parents bought in Germany a hundred years ago.  Kevin told "Jan" to just take the damn thing home next time she's  at their mom's, and that's when she admitted she didn't really even want it--she just didn't want the older sister to have it.  I almost fell out of his chair laughing  Isn't that the most "sibling" thing you've ever heard?  Don't all sibs do that?

I see you shaking you head like "No, I never did that" and I also see your nose growing, Pinocchio. You know you did.  I did, too.

Just call me Jan.

          "Marsha, Marsha, Marsha !!!"                                                       



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