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Saturday, November 23, 2013

We are just back from a Petco run and are now loaded with dog food and a few dog cookies from the cookie bar.  I couldn't find Sis's favorite from last time, the peanut butter ones so I branched out to the Strawberry Peanut butter ones.  They look just like an Oreo, only pink, and it took me clutching the bag to keep the driver from tasting them as he drove home.  Seriously....that guy will eat anything if he thinks it has sugar in it.

Sis also scored a few animal crackers but I thought that was a little odd...cookies of animals for dogs to eat.  I also got her the heart healthy ones that are also for her joints.  Knowing her, she'll hate those.  Too healthy so fagedaboudit.

I just finished making the cornbread for my dressing.  It's cool and in a ziplock and I'll do the other prep in a day or two so throwing it all together is fast and easy.  Brian came by last night on a wood run and wanted to know what we are having on Thanksgiving.  I almost said liver but he knows I won't touch the stuff.  What he was really checking out was had I ditched the old favorites and replaced them with some other kind of nonsense or was I doing the usual.  I told him the usual, minus the queso green bean casserole.  I say queso because you add Velvetta to it and by then well, might as well have made queso.  He didn't throw too big a rod over me nixing it, considering I'm trying to protect all of our arteries and it's one less tonnage element to deal with.

In closing, let me just say I did show Sis's dad a little girl's dog dress- up Christmas dress (black velvet and plaid taffeta swirly skirt) for Sis, while he attempted to pay at the check out.  But I saved the worst for last.  A Mrs. Claus dog dress with sparkles......oh, could so own that dress.

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