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Monday, November 11, 2013


If you haven't had the cranberry bread from Eatzi's I'm suggesting it as a Thanksgiving must.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner, at night before bed (Snack Man Harris) it is by far and away one of my favorites and with the cranberries, well, it just fits the season.  I am having mine now, lightly toasted, with my coffee and it is just rocking my clock.  It has a little bit of candied ginger in it, too, or as Bruce refers to it, " that funky taste."   He ate it and went back for more--just wanted to know what it was.

Tonight I was planning to fire up my Big Green Egg and smoke some chicken but now I am leaning toward BBQ chick-chick on the grill.  I haven't done either in quite awhile so before it get's cold tomorrow, I thought I'd get outside and get my cook on.

Over the weekend, Sis finally made it to the Vet thanks to her dad.  I had made the appointment but lay down for a little while--wasn't feeling great--and woke up at 5:30 PM.  Since Sis was beginning to look like Edward Scissordog, it was high time for nails to get clipped and a spot on her tail to be looked at.  Turns out she has a cyst on her tail and we can just leave it alone.  Since she wouldn't let me see it, I figured we might better check it out.  Just one more bump on an otherwise lumpy old girl.

She also got another bath as she was all stinky again.  I have no research to support my theory but I am suggesting that older dogs get stinky faster than younger pups.  Why?  Because they just do.  Maybe because their parts are running on old.  I don't know.  I just know a fresh dog is a goooood dog and gets lots more kisses.                                  

     Happy Veteran's Day to all our service men and women, those living and dead, and thank you for your service.  I am deeply grateful to you all.                                                        

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