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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Happy Birthday Brian !!

Thirty two years ago today, I was down at Baylor Hospital being induced with Brian Felix Harris.  I was pre-eclamptic, my blood pressure was too high, and Brian needed to come on down and join the world.  He was giving it his best shot--my body was just not quite ready.  As a result of a cervix that simply wasn't ready to do it's job and before all the new drugs that can help one get ready, Brian arrived via c-section at 6:59 pm and boy, was I glad to see him!

As I held him on my chest, I tried to shield the overhead OR lights out of his eyes, so he could see us.  I remember saying to him "Heddooo" and thinking he was the coolest thing I'd ever seen.  Such began the love affair that continues to this day.

He was over here yesterday to pick up a birthday gift that was delivered here.  He's been under the weather a bit with a stomach bug so he didn't hang around super long.  It seems this "bug" started this past weekend, improved such that he decided to dump a little Chipotle down the shoot, and was in shock and awe that it roared right back.  Guys.  Gotta love 'um.

Happy Birthday to the neatest 32 year old man I know. 

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