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Monday, February 18, 2013

Adios, Matthew

I am still reeling from last night's season-ender of  Downton Abbey.  I knew Matthew was going to die--just not how.  I had heard the photography was to be sensational.  It wasn't.  And the fake castle made me cringe, as did some of the fake scenery inside--specifically the yellow entry hall.  It looked like the paint was barely dry and if the camera had gone too high up, the fake walls would stop and you'd see it was all a set. Boo hiss on that.  Matthew and Lady Edith's married editor's fly fishing scenes were spectacular, though, and that giant salmon their guide lifted up off the bank made my mouth water.   

With Matthew gone, I hope Isobel, his mama, and the DA doctor get together in season 4.  It's already been hinted at but Isobel said no thanks. The doctor's a handsome and sweet man so Isobel may indeed need a shoulder to cry on next season. Isobel was very clear that she liked her life exactly the way it is but she may indeed change her tune. don't have to marry him--just have some fun for heaven's sake.

I'm loving Ms. Pattmore and Mrs. Hughes more and more each show.  They are hilarious together and so sweet, and their growing friendship is heartwarming.  Real gal pals in a very British way.  Do you smell a growing relationship between Mrs. Hughes's and Mr.Carson??  Dare we hope for such a happy plot twist?  As fun as it would be, I'm not sure Mr. Carson could withstand such a shock. 

And now to Branson.  OMG....what a hunk.  When Mrs. Hughes asked if she could talk to him the way she used to when he was "in service", I about d-i-e-d.  She told him  how he'd made such a difficult transition flawlessly, and how proud Sybil would be, he lost it and I did, too.  He is heartbroken with out Sybil and lonely as all get out--read vulnerable-- and with Rose coming to DA next season all I can say is here we go again with the chauffeur, only now he's the Land Manager. 

Did you notice all of Lady Mary's gorgeous nightgowns??  And the clothes of the upper crust ladies?? They continue to be beautiful (with the exception of  Rose's mother) and the jewelry is tres' grand.  The Dowager's pearls were multi-strand gawgeousness, and the clasp was the size of your fist. 

I'm afraid we are in for more cat fights next season between Lady Edith and Lady Mary.  Lady Mary's future demeanor has already been alluded to, and Lady Edith is becoming very much her own woman--get ready for the fur to fly.  I can hardly wait!

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