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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Adios, Witch

Sad news this morning.  Senora Maria called at 8:00 AM to tell me Juan's mother had finally died around midnight last night.  She had had a stroke a week or so ago and was heading downhill rapidly, so this was not a surprise.  The saddest part is, Juan's mother was a witch...a real first class broom riding meaner than mean selfish awful excuse for a human being.  I can't remember exactly how many brothers and sisters shared this mother but I'm thinking somewhere in the neighborhood of 6-8 and not a one of them wanted to deal with her, and never had.

Every week when Maria would arrive, I'd get the lowdown on The Witch, and her latest antic's.  She once accused Maria of trying to poison her and made Maria taste the food first, before she'd eat anything, and that's IF she'd eat at all.  She usually didn't want what everyone else was having and wanted them to go buy her something.  Yeah...she was a real piece of work.
She had a favorite son, and treated the others like horse poop.  One of her own daughters would simply not take care of her, deal with her, nada.  No matter whose house she was at for the week, she didn't want to be there--she wanted to be with the favorite son--and he didn't want her, either.

Maria's husband is not in good health.  Physically, he can't handle the drive anymore.  He has bad diabetes and hypertension, so instead of driving they will be taking  the bus to Mexico for the funeral.   Hopefully, they can both try to sleep on the trip down.  When she called, I asked her to please give Juan my sympathy and a big hug.  Because we are such good friends, before we hung up I sang in the background what I'd always told her I would, when this day finally came:  Ding Dong, the witch is dead...the witch, old witch, the wicked Witch.  We both screamed out laughing. 

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