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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

She's baaaack!

It's not even 10 AM and I've already had my feel good moment for the day.  I flipped on Good Morning America just in time to see the beautiful multi colored, tiered, red velvet cake to welcome Robin Roberts back to the show.  Wow...what a cake and what a gal!  She looked gorgeous and said that now that she had sister Sally's bone marrow, she'd developed a sweet tooth.  It was great to see her back and looking so vibrant.  Boy, if that won't make you feel grateful, nothing will, so pass me some cake, puuuuhlease.

Since it's wet and cold, I'm thinking tonight needs to be a white chicken chili kind of night with maybe a fire in the fireplace.  Who cares if it's almost March--cold is cold and snuggly is the order of the day.

 I've started a new book, Wild, and so far it has been sort of a whaaaaat for someone who grew up in The Bubble.  Living in various places, some without electricity and running water, made this spoiled wimpy gal shudder.  I'm sure we all could do it if we had to......I just don't want to and I'm betting you don't either.  The thought of living off in the woods sounds fun to me until we hit the cold hard reality of no coffee maker, no showers, no cable, and washer/dryer.  No electricity for more than a few hours = no fun.  Still and all, there's something about being away out in a cabin somewhere that does have a certain allure, that's for sure. Here's mine: 

Hey....go big or go home.

But I'd love this, too.

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