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Friday, February 15, 2013

Calling all Gardners

Attention all gardeners or anyone wanting to grow their own veggies:  the church up the block from us has plots available.  First dibs is for church members but I doubt they'll be many so if you want a plot, let me know and I can give you Jerry's (the man in charge) contact info.  He is presently attempting to work out a better watering system.  I'm considering growing flowers for cutting as I was not a tremendous whiz with tomatoes.  The soil has some type of inborn blight so you might do best to buy a truck load of good stuff and replace your soil, if you are a really serious grower.   Even if you aren't and just want a tranquil place to come visit, the garden is fun to see, if enough growers are growing.

Fred says there's bound to be a way to kill off the blight in the soil that's already there but I don't know.  Jerry, grower extraordinaire, says he just deals with it but then he started with great stuff in the beginning when he replaced all his crummy original soil.  A lot of the plots are overgrown and need weeding but that's nothing that a few hours and a lot of Advil won't fix.  Just sayin'.

The Pantry Pare Down has turned into a full scale Pantry overhaul.  I've had to pare it down into smaller bites so I wouldn't get totally overwhelmed.  Now I'm actually enjoying it because I take 1-2 shelves a day and am ruthless.  I remove everything, sort, pitch, check dates, and then scrub the shelves and replace what ever made the cut to live on a bit longer.  Once those shelves are done, I go play and do something fun.

Since our ginormous Aloe Vera plant accidentally got the deep freeze treatment after being left out, I gave it a haircut the other day.  I had put it off thinking the leaves would eventually dry out and drop off but when that was taking longer than I wanted and it was grossing me out, I did surgery on it.  I amputated all the old squishy, nasty, rot smelling leaves and I'm glad I did.  The problem?  They are right where I left them.  They are so gross I don't wanna pick them up... they're all drippy, smelly, and gross.  Maybe I can talk Fred into doing it???  Nah.  Probably not.  Guess I better go get busy.  Barf.

Happy weekend to All!

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