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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

This sums up our visit yesterday to Clyde Warren Park.  Weirdness prevailed.  It had something to do with FB or youtube and a new dance some guy posted that went viral.  Everyone came with their dogs for a Dallas launch.  OK...that's how I understood it and I may be wrong here but all in all, it was fun and funny so who really cares about the details.

This was by far my favorite of the people assembled :  Squirr Guy    Take a look at those nuts.  Nooo...not those.....the ones in his hand.   OK....never mind.  That sounds even worse.

The Pantry Pare Down is complete and Peter Walsh, Oprah's clean out guru, would be proud.  Lord knows I sure am.  It so clean and organized I'm feeling a tad but cocky like I might just be able to move on to the hall closet.  Stay tuned.

Last night I finished reading Morningside Heights and while it was OK, don't jump in your car and go buy it.  In my book it was just a little too soap opera.  The end was completely predictable and if I could figure it out so can everyone else.  Holler if you want to borrow mine.  I doubt you will.

I am on pins and needles for tonight season 3 ending of DA and it's two hour conclusion.  From today's paper I understand tonight's photography is stellar, with a tough ending.  Oooo, la la.  I'll be ready and watching at 7pm for last weeks show, and roll right on into tonight's.  Making us wait another year for season 4 is just teddibly rude, IMO

Last on the list is what my husband said to me as we contemplated our visit to the Perot.  We discussed when to go and how to avoid the crowds--like that's really possible.  I suggested he knock off early some afternoon and meet me there, to which he responded "I don't think that will work" and I asked "Why?"  He said "You KNOW how I am around science and museums....I'll want to stay MUCH longer than you will and I'll drive you CRAZY", to which I burst out laughing.  True that.  I wonder if they have a spend the night program or Science Camp for adults......maybe he could take his sleeping bag and I could pick him up the next morning?

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