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Friday, February 22, 2013

Lorazepam or Pear Caramel?

I got a phone call today from mom's Hospice nurse.  Not an emergency but I still gulped for a second and then laughed at myself. The nurse had noted mom's growing agitation and wondered about putting her on Lorazepam, as needed, for some relief.  I was all over that idea, as I'd noted her behavior myself.  It's hard not to play nurse when it's your own kin but I try not to.  I know what it's like to have family members try to tell you what your patient really needs--sometimes they are 100% correct and sometimes *they're the ones that need the meds.  Further, since Geriatrics is not my specialty, I'd much rather follow, than lead.   Especially since I'm likely to "lead" us somewhere none of us want to go out the back door to the trash dump.  I also know I'm not objective where mom is concerned so it's nice to just sit back and let them do their job.  If it's something I really need to pipe up about, I can.  Hopefully for the evening staff, mom will get some tonight so she can relax and not be so edgy.  Quite frankly, I wouldn't mind some myself*.  :)))))

That said, I think I'll go feed the Sister Wench and go fix a steamy cup of chamomile tea.  It's my latest see if I can actually make myself like the stuff.  So far, I'm still at just OK but it's growing on me.  I may have to move on to jasmine or the pear-caramel Andrea had at her tea.  Best. tea.ever.  Sounds horrid but it was nectar of the God's. Here's some pear caramel above and below.  Anything that pretty is bound to taste good.         
Ahhhhh....can you smell it???  Maybe I'll just have it.

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