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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I LOVE me some cast iron

We need to talk about cast iron skillets because they are almost better than chocolate and that's saying quite a lot.  If you don't have one, just go getcha one because every girl or guy simply needs to have one.  Tonight, because I was cold and in my pink __________________________________
and cooking_________,  I was unwilling to go outside
and light the grill for burgers.  OK...I realize it's an interesting look but it's comfy and I like it, so just get on over it.  I had jury duty today so be nice.

 Anyway, you just can't beat a smokin' hot cast iron skillet to brown your burger to crusty perfection, and put a smile on your face especially when that burger is not one of those skinny wimpy mini barely any meat burgers.  No, baby....not enough meat = no fun.  If you think that meat is good, try grilling your onions in that same hot skillet.  Get that skillet all hot and sizzly and throw in those onions and let 'um go.  Stir them every now and then, but not much more than that.  They'll turn into the best caramelized grilled onions ever.
Pile them on your burger and remember to thank God for your burger AND your cast iron skillet.  You won't regret either. 

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