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Monday, February 25, 2013


Since we're all talking about it anyway, I might as well jump on board.  Although last night's Oscars was full of shake ups, I just felt it never really caught fire in the laughs department.  I'm not blaming Seth-- there just didn't seem to be anything fun or clever that happened.  Remember last year and Angelina's leg pose, where she tried w-a-y too hard to be sultry, and then one of the guy winners came on stage to accept his award, and did the same pose?  That's the kind of clever funny I'm talking about.  Anything that has you remembering it a year later was funny in my book.

Anne's dress and Nipplegate?  A total non-event.  If Jlo had worn the same dress, you would not have heard so much as a peep.  And happily, I missed Meryl's wedgie excavation but I will say this:  Girlfriend, I feel your pain...we've all had one at a difficult time so perhaps punt the old lady granny panties for such a grand occasion and just stick with panty hose or Spanx.  There....I said it.  Case closed. 

Now on to today.  I'm thinking ahead to dinner so I can get other things done today.  I'm going to make my favorite chicken and wild rice casserole with artichokes and water chestnuts for dinner and throw a second one in the freezer for another night.  I'm not usually a casserole girl but this one is a winner. 

Congrats to all of last night winners.  Yawn.

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