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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Uh, oh.....

I'm baaaack and feistier than ever-- or at least I will be for probably another hour.  First, let me say that one four legged black girl is mighty glad to see her May-May and has spent most of the hour or so I've been home, being loved on, adored, chatted with, stroked, and otherwise given my total attention.  That's just how we/she roll (s).  She's coming out of her "abandonment depression" and is beginning to act like herself.  She goes all dark and weird without her momma.  At now 13, she doesn't do change real well especially when it involves you going, and her staying.  If she gets to go, that's a whole other story.  And she didn't get to, but she sure tried, and she gave me the limp eared stink eye as I drove away.  Nothing guilt's me more than her stink eye.  And she knows it---- and is not afraid to use it.  Dog manipulation.  It's the worst.

Now, the topic I most want to cuss and discuss is the state of the world we live in.  Since I have been AWOL from TV (by choice) and from most things real worldy, what in the Sam hill is going on?  Why do we think further violence is the solution to the world's problems?  Do we really need to start another war?  Yes, our world is in BIG trouble but I can't help but think that doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results, just isn't terribly smart.  Name me a war in the last 25 years that we actually won.  I'm not sure it's up to us to "fix the world" and I think it's total arrogance on our part to think we actually can.  We are not the super power we used to be and even then that's pretty dicey considering we can't even fix our own problems here at home

In fact, I think we are simply a part of a big old dysfunctional "world family" where nobody gets along with each other and the hero child, the US, is always over-functioning trying to settle, meddle, boss, control, and manipulate, for their own gain. We try to paint ourselves as these do-gooders but that's a bunch of horse pucky.  We've always got a mixed motive.  There's always something in it for us otherwise we wouldn't bother.

So what's my solution?  See below.  Whoever's fighting has to wear it until they can stop, behave, and come to some sort of amicable agreement, and the UN can enforce it.  I'm serious.  Done and done.
P. S.  You will never find 2 women in this shirt.  Just sayin'.

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