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Monday, August 19, 2013

This and that

We saw the Butler yesterday and it was excellent.  I was a little afraid that Oprah might "play Oprah" a little bit and have that detract from the movie, but nothing could be further from the truth.  She was outstanding as was Forrest Whitaker and the entire cast.  John Cusack as Nixon was so spot on, I wanted to reach up and smack him one. Go see it if you can and make sure you can lie down afterwards.  It will wipe you out.  You will run the gamut of emotions.

Sad news.  Senora Maria is back from Mexico (Ocampo) but she came home sick, and one of her son's is, and has been, in the hospital here for ten days.  Read:  she is a wreck.  So that ironing board I was so ready to give up is now around for the near future, and perhaps for good.  We'll see.  I am sending prayers for Maria's clan.  Her family is not blessed with good health and neither is her husband Juan's side.  Two DNA crummies eqauls=crummier.  Something I can be grateful for today.  I forget how lucky I am until I get sick or feel crummy. 

Sis hit the dawg jackpot Saturday night with two T-bones to gnaw and she has been blissed out ever since.  She doesn't know there's a third bone in the freezer and I'm not telling her either.  A girl can only take so much happiness and I'm going to let her ride this wave all the way to the beach.  Oh, Sis....some gals have it so good and you are definitely one of them. 

Happy Monday to all. 

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