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Friday, August 9, 2013

Mom update

It's after one o'clock and I'm back briefly from my erranding.  Just saw mom and my brother, as he fed mom lunch.  Man...she was eating like she'd just plowed the back forty, so good for her.  Given that she used to just eat a bite or two, this is good-- for as long as it lasts.  She eats about as much as toddlers do.  Watching my brother feed her, just completes the whole circle.  (Another Lion King music moment brought to you by Disney.)      :)))         

It's so weird...I can look at mom's eyes and tell whether she'd 'tuned in" or "out there".  Her eyes telegraph everything and even though most of the time she can't respond back in a language I understand, we can still muddle through.  I either understand somewhat or think I do-- and I  just don't worry about the part I don't get.  If her eyes are blank I know she's not home and not to bother.  At that point, all I can do is comfort her.

My brother and mom had been discussing her old lake house because she was having catfish for lunch.  If you want to see mom perform, start talking about something she remembers and then mention your memories. Oh, lordy...she will wiggle and make her eyes big and it's just hilarious.  I told her I was aware she'd fallen out of her wheel chair this week and asked her how she did it.  She did one of those "hell....I don't know " kind of shrugs that always makes me laugh.  She looked none the worse for wear despite a skin tear on her leg and when your skin is as thin as tissue paper, that's par for the course.  That's just how life is.

Today all is well and we are all exactly where we are supposed to be in God's world today so enjoy it--or fight it.  Your choice.  The good news is, if you aren't in a good place, it WILL change!  Happy weekend.

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