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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Ass backwards

OK.  Buckle up because I'm on my soap box.  Again.  We've all seen it in the headlines a million times.  There's a Nurses shortage.  Nobody seems to be able to figure out why that might be and quite frankly nobody really cares much until they, or someone they love, checks into the hospital.  Then suddenly it's a huge deal.  Their family member isn't getting perfect care or is "special".  "Do you not understand who we are or who he/she is, and how important we are?"  Yeah, yeah.  We know.  Nurses are just stretched tighter than the elastic on your panties/boxers, so please give us the respect we DESERVE and don't treat us like your maid or housekeeper.  Hospitals are NOT hotels though I do admit most advertise themselves like they are so no damn wonder you are so confused.  "This isn't a hotel but act like it is, and you're not a maid, but act like you are".  OK....I can do all that-- and you can compensate me TWICE.  Two jobs, two paychecks.  You do the math.

If most people were treated like nurses are, they'd quit too.  The compensations sucks, the hours are brutal, your life is at stake everyday from diseases, mass casualties are becoming the norm, (as well as crazy patients and their family members), you get hit, slapped, punched, and due to the budget you need to 1) do more with less, not eat, not pee, and oh, BTW  "we need you to work a double".  If you don't, "we'll fire you for job abandonment.  Oh....and that pooping, and continually vomiting patient needs you again.  And, I have you down to work Christmas again this year."   

Our country has things ass backwards from my viewpoint.  We allow outrageous compensation to thieves at Goldman Sachs and other huge corporations who are literally bankrupting and stealing from us, and then we do not adequately compensate the very people who save our lives--Nurses, Firemen, Police Officers, EMT's etc.  Then we all act shocked when simple mistakes are made like a kidney for transplant getting tossed in the trash or when medication errors are made. Think the jobs so easy??  Try it sometime. 

 Teachers are another totally overlooked group.  We expect our country to be #1 in everything but we don't invest our money in places that can make that happen.  Teachers need to be fairly compensated.  Period.    College loans are becoming life long boat anchors around the ankles of kids who are just trying to get an education-- and that's another crazy maker. 

We allow Congressmen and women to draw "pensions" for their service to us when most of them were stealing from us all along anyway.   Isn't that just rewarding a crook for stealing?  I'm sure there are some law abiding politicians.....I just can't think of any, and that might be because politician and crook are synonyms. 

OK.  I'm done.  Time for a nap.

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