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Monday, August 5, 2013

Laundry and lifts

Sooo good to be home even though the temp difference is well over 30 degrees.  Sometimes you just have to trade some things for others.  It was worth it to see Brian, Sis, and sleep in my own bed.  I've found out I'm simply a nester.  I like being in my own house doing nesty type things.  My mother always told me I was but I thought she was nuts.  She was, but she was right about this. 

I was talking with a friend on our trip, and she's a nester, too.  She and her partner divide up the chores and she's the laundry lady.  She says her things never make it through a complete dryer cycle without being hung up, wrinkle less.  She also has a perfect ratio of laundry detergent, fabric softener, and Oxyclean that she adheres to, for a perfect wash.  It's taken her awhile to get it just right and now it's purrrrfect.  She loves the smell, the feel, and it works for her and her partner.

 This gal is a brain.  She has a law degree though she's not practicing, works for an airline and I think her job is to work out how much fuel, etc. will be needed per day for all the air planes and their routes, and has to make the airline stay with in that amount.  Now, I think that's what she does.  Something like that anyway.  Holy cow.  (I'm telling you this part so you can get a sense of what a cool person she is and how diverse.)

 I just thought it was so cool that she'd reveal herself about laundry.  I had to gasp for air when I realized it's not just my sister and I that love to do laundry.  LOTS of PEOPLE DO.  I don't mind telling people at all.  I just didn't know anybody else liked it!  Frankly, I'm too lazy for a laundry ratio but I love that it works for them.  Plus, I'm not a fabric softener girl.  Can't go there; can't stand the stuff.

  My friend also has a fear of heights that sounds like it might be worse than mine.  Not comparing--just saying.  I saw the pic her partner took as they rode up the lift together and my friend's hands were glued to the seat bar,  looking straight ahead intently. She could not look left or right.  It had started to rain but she was determined to do it.  To hell with the rain!  Her partner said she tried to comfort her but there was just no way, until  they started coming down. Down was better.  That is until the the lift stopped briefly, their seat swung to and fro, and my friend lost it completely.
You could tell when she told us her story, howling laughing, she'd do it again.  And maybe even again.  Maybe not in the rain-- but  FEAR conquered.  I love that.

This all started because I told her I had made myself do it, because I was scared.  That's when she decided to face her fear and do it, too. (Me and my big yap-- but now I'm glad I told her.)  Today we know each other at a much deeper level.  I know about her laundry love and fear of heights, and she knows about mine.  We both have been utterly transparent with each other.  And may I just say, it turned out to be one of the best laughs of the trip.  The two of us confessing our fears.  Who knew???

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