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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Adios, CB

54 degrees with clouds overhead.  It looks like it would love nothing more than to start a gentle sprinkle and work it's way into a first class frog strangler.  This cool weather sure is making the thought of packing up to leave tomorrow miserable.  We've eaten, we've shopped a little, and  we've enjoyed friends but it's the weather and the scenery I just can't get ready to leave behind. 

Our buds left this morning, poor thangs.  They missed all the cooking demo's at the Arts festival and actually so did I -- I just watched for a minute.  I figured I can watch cooking any old time and seeing everything else (and shopping) was much more of a priority.  There were food stalls everywhere so for lunch you just got what you wanted and sat down at the aluminum picnic tables, eating with people you may never see again, but thoroughly enjoyed visiting with.  You could be seated at restaurants, too, but outside was way more fun.  We met a couple who lives nearby (30 miles away) and had their dachshund, Buster, on a leash under the table.  From what I could tell, Bruce fed him about half of his pulled pork sliders, while Buster's dad didn't even offer him a b-i-t-e of his ribs.  Pooooor Buster.  Wrong Daddy.

Though you were technically not supposed to have your dog at the festival, everyone did, so I never quite understood why they bothered with posting that nonsense.   The dogs were all well behaved and had every bit as much fun as the people.  Our whole table laughed watching a very friendly mutt on a leash go up and try to get acquainted with an enormous English Mastiff sitting regally in the shade.  The smaller dog respectfully wagged his tail and stood almost nose to nose until the Mastiff had had enough of a meet and greet.  One GIANT bark and that ordinary sized mutt popped straight up in the air, legs churning, running before he ever hit the ground.  Our whole table fell apart laughing and the Mastiff's owner just chuckled. 

The rain just started and with the window open off to my left, you can already feel a difference....  I had to turn the fan off. It's freezing.  Yeah I hoo.  And speaking of cold...last night on the shuttle coming back from the festival, we had stopped at the Third Bowl ice cream stall before jumping aboard the bus.  I got some Skipppidee Do Dah (vanilla, caramel, and toffee crunch...oh, baby) and Bruce got some way too healthy (boring) blueberry something or other.  Anywho, on the ride back up the hill, all the windows on the bus were down and we about froze to death.  Did we stop eating our ice cream???  Hell NO.  If you are already cold, there's simply no reason to stop. 

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