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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Irony much?

Just a small dose of irony from this morning.  The phone rang, it was an unfamiliar but recurrent number so I answered it.  It was a lady, Jan, calling about the house "you are renting from me".  I told her I wasn't renting a house--we owned ours--and we were in it.  She continued on like I was a half wit.  "You know...the house with no power...the one in Colorado you are renting".  One more time, Jan...  "We aren't renting a house in Colorado with no power, Jan.  You have the wrong number".  Jan apologized and we hung up.  Five minutes later the phone rang and caller ID said Aspen, Colorado so I answered "Hi, Jan.  This is still the wrong number and you're killing me's supposed to be 105 today in Dallas and you are still calling me about a house, in the mountains, where it's lovely and cool, with no power, in Aspen!  Honey, I'll trade!  Right now!!  I'm on the next plane!"

We laughed, and she wanted to know "how she got this number."  "Jan, I have no clue how you got my number but I assure you I am not at your house in Aspen....though I sure would like to be."  She promised she would NOT call again, we both laughed and that was that, or so I thought, until I got back after lunch.

I checked my messages and wanna guess who had left a message?  No, not Jan.  It was the electrician she called in Aspen to come fix the power.  He wanted to know if it would be OK to come now.  (head bang, head bang, head bang)   Sure, Dude...come on. 


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