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Monday, August 12, 2013

It's almost time...and I'm ready

I'm feeling it.  Are you?  That sense that Fall is almost here even though it's still a thousand degrees outside.  It's starting to get dark just a tad bit earlier and it's beginning to look like back to school, first thing in the morning.  I'm not sure if it's the difference in the light or what, but something is just.... changing.  And different.  And with that let's just say I'm ready.

I'm ready for cooler temps, Fall mums, and even though the leaves won't change here until November, I'm going to pretend this is Fall in Colorado and the aspen's are turning.  All those yellows, gold, oranges and reds just get my motor going.  I'm ready to cook soups and Fall type food, too.  I love summer.....I'm just over it....and the heat. 

I'm ready to see the Smalls head off to a new year of school and hear all their news.  I know there will be heartbreaks, drama, and hilarity, along with new shoes, new clothes, and new school supplies.  All that new paper stacked and ready to begin a new year of writing, life experiences, new lessons, new friends.

I was thinking this morning of the freedom we all have to let go of the past.   We all know you can change it.  But we all possess the wonderful ability to create each day, what will ultimately be a new past.  Since today will be the past tomorrow, that's a pretty astounding thought.  I can create the past today.  Anything I didn't like back then, I am no longer tethered to, and today, can begin a new one.  Fresh slate.  New paper.  New school supplies, new clothes. 

No wonder I like Fall.  What looks old (leaves, plants, clothes, relationships, places, people, thoughts awareness's etc.) is really making way for all newI love that.

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