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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Screened in porches

This morning I'm thinking about screened in porches.  Why?  Because I want one.  I know it's way old school to have them but I don't care.  I still want one.  Mine would not be your 50's grandmother oh, my lord this is a gross and tacky, porch.  Mine would have a large ceiling fan(s) to stir the air, perhaps a mister for when it's blazing hot like it is now and would also have a fireplace so I could get my pyro on in the Fall.  I'd want a cosy outdoor dining table and comfy slip covered chairs in washable fabric and another seating area for casual visiting, reading, dog loving, and TV watching.  An outdoor flat screen and sound system for TV viewing and maybe a built in refrigerator, to cut down on trips to the kitchen. Proximity to the kitchen is also an important feature but since I'd be grilling mostly, it's not a deal breaker.

Heck....all I'd need now is a bathroom and I could live out there!  Just imagine how fun it would be to sleep out there in the fall when it's chilly at night.  I might need to have flaps installed on the inside that could be dropped and secured to keep out rain and dirt, but beyond that, I'm set.

Ooops.  Forgot one thing.  A doogie door.  If my gal pal is going to be out there with me, and I know she is, that's a must have.  Can't forget the hound features.
Here are a few that got my motor running.  Some looked especially good given their location.


 or maybe                              

I couldn't get my favorite lake house one to load here and that's probably a good thing.  It just would have made me want it more.  It's on Houzz, over looks a lake, has a fold open and back screen door, with the tail of a fish mounted on the wall barely visible in the photo. 

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