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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Enough on the women bashing

Have you noticed that everything today is women's fault and while that's not a new concept, it sure is an old saw.  We're supposed to work, we're not supposed to work.  We're single parents because some no count man walked out, and that's our fault, too.  We're taking jobs away from men, but a lot of no count men don't want to work, and that's somehow their mother's fault AND ours.  And it's not just men bashing women.  Other women are doing it, too.  If you raised five sons, you didn't "work".  If you married someone who didn't need you to help with finances, so you could stay home, means your job was somehow less valuable and everything is all your fault. anybody else getting sick of all this sh**??

The reality that no one wants to face is that this country is in some serious trouble, and blaming it on any one person (President) or group of people (women, gays, Hispanics, or either political party, etc.) is just ludicrous.  Nobody in Washington wants to tell the truth about anything--they jut want to hide behind smoke and mirrors via their spin doctors. They figure if they can manufacture something negative about the "other side", they can win, and the scary part is, it's worked.

   The bad news is, the people most capable of handling these "small children" are those who know them best and can spot their shit from space--generally females (although there are some males who can do this, too, just not as many.)  I'm suggesting we fire Washington, and everyone in it.  Send them all packing-- straight home to their rooms-- and ground them indefinitely.  They can never to run for any elected office again, and will receive no pensions, period.  I don't believe anybody deserves a pension for ripping off their constituents or not "playing nice", whether male or female.  Yes, some people who have "played nice" will get punished, but that happened when you were a kid, too, didn't it?  Your mom stepped forward and rather than spend a bunch of  time and energy finding out who did what to whom, she just punished the whole lot.  And it worked, didn't it??

Now just stop for a second and ask yourself who exactly was smart enough to figure all this out?  Yeah, a female--your very own mother, no less, so enough on the women bashing, how about it?
And that's just how I see it.

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