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Friday, April 6, 2012

Hunting on Good Friday? tsk..tsk

I just finished watching a video on how to make Lion House rolls.  They are supposedly out of this world and  are known for a special way they are wrapped, that makes them distinctive.  And gorgeous.  OK.  I'm in.  I have to try that.  It's on YouTube and only takes about three or so minutes to watch but now you know the problem....I want to go in the kitchen and try to make them.  With Senora Maria here to clean, that's totally counter productive, especially when you see how this lady slings these rolls to wrap them.  If I do decide to make these, the backyard might be a better location.

With Sis' boyfriend home for Good Friday, she's in heaven.  They have already gone to shoot squirrels x 2...on Good Friday, no less.  I did point this out, only to get a whatever look from both hunters.  Let's now make that three times.  There's one at the base of our tree and Sis just flew out the front door, squealing and barking.  For an old hunting gal, this is just as good as it gets.

I noticed on the Internet that the lady who claimed she was one of  the big Mega Millions Lottery winners "lost the ticket".  Eye roll.  You lost the ticket...sure you did, honey, and I'm the Easter Bunny.  Let's all go out and enjoy this gorgeous day, and Happy Easter to all.


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