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Friday, April 13, 2012

Let's hear it for Naps

Today I ran by briefly to talk to mom's Nurse Manager.  I wanted to see if we couldn't get her started on a NSAID (like Aleve ) for all day pain relief from her contracted muscles and arthritis.  Since she's starting to close up like a clam shell, I want to keep her as comfortable as I possibly can and coherent.  Stronger meds right now aren't needed.  When I peeked into her room, she was on her bed, windows slightly open with a nice breeze blowing in.  Her aide happened to be in there, too, checking her phone but shoot, I never care about that.  If she's in there with mom, taking a brief break, who cares??  I sure don't.

It's funny how much mom reminds me of childhood.  Naps in the afternoon, a cool breeze whispering over you, as your mind wanders, right before you fall asleep.  My people are nappers from way back so we speak the nap language.  First, you never get under the bed covers.  You lie on top, covered with a special nap blanket or you slide under your duvet, unfolding it to keep you nice and comfy.  Extra pillows that will get in your way are stowed on the chair beside you, so that when you get down to putting your head on that soft, cool, pillow you have lots of room.  If it's cool outside, opening the window is a plus but if leaf blowers are blowing, maybe the white noise machine is a better choice.  And maybe your ceiling fan on low, if you like a breeze.  Ahhh...are you feelin' it yet???  Night, night.

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