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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Well, Hellooooo, Gorgeous

Oh, yes, I did, and it's in the refrigerator getting all cosy with it's sliced banana and vanilla wafer friends.  (Daley, if you are reading this, stop NOW or you are going to get hungry. :)  Better yet, if you want some, call me and I'll run some around the block to you.)  I had wanted to make this for awhile but had not let myself, so yesterday afternoon I... just... did.  Today is EASTER.  That's reason enough.

The first time I read the recipe, I nearly passed out.  I don't have diabetes but after reading it, I began to wonder.  What you can't see underneath all that creamy wickedness, are layers of sliced bananas and loads of vanilla wafers.  And you just think that is regular banana pudding, don't you??  Well, think again.

It's called Not Yo' Mama's Banana Pudding, and honey, it isn't.  Considering it's a Paula Deen recipe, I tried to cut every corner I could, but sometimes you just have to live a little.  My concessions were reduced fat and lower calorie vanilla wafers, and light cream cheese.  Oh, yeah.  I'm serious.  And did I forget to mention it has sweetened condensed milk in it, too???   She uses Pepperidge Farm shortbread cookies instead of vanilla wafers, but I didn't have any, so I went with the usual.

Are your pants suddenly getting too tight?   Yeah, mine, too.  Now, with the crab cakes a la Rex's resting in the refrig, I have only the cocktail sauce and garlic mashed potatoes left to make, and to finish off the broiled tomatoes Brook Hollow.  These are a particular favorite of  Fred's and mine because the tomato halves are marinated overnight in Italian dressing, then fresh basil, marinated artichokes, and bread crumbs are added before broiling.  Easy, but tastes like you slaved. 

I'm watching the weather outside to see if we are going to eat inside or out.  I washed down our outside eating area yesterday with car wash and wax stuff.  I thought that was a particularly brilliant idea for a wash and a shine, and because I couldn't find anything else that seemed better.  Now the table, chairs, and stone banquette are all clean and I only need to whip out the pillows and cushions, if we go that direction.  Flowers are snipped from Mary's yard, so we are "systems go", either way.  I'm leaning towards the outside venue, so we'll see if the weather cooperates.

 Time to go peel potatoes so Happy Easter to all!!

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