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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Princess Grace

I went by yesterday to visit mom and take her an Easter lily.  We had a good visit and I told her about Benji and Andrea's trip to the Middle East, though she kept thinking I'd gone.  I told her about their camel ride and Benji's Turkish bath story, which made her laugh so hard she coughed.  She lives for stories of her grandkids and they usually have some great ones.

  Anywho, on my way out, I ran into the Nurse Manager and she wanted me to sign off on an idea one of mom's caregivers had.  Florina is mom's favorite caregiver and this gal is a dynamo.  She works two full time jobs and is still the kindest person to ever walk this earth.  Anyway, here was Florina's idea.  She said getting mom up, and dressed in the morning, to breakfast, and then back and undressed for the Hospice lady to bathe mom, is just too much for mom.  Throw in the fact that mom's arthritis is worse in the morning, and none of this sounds fun at all.  So, she wants mom to have breakfast in bed in the morning, with help, followed by Tylenol, and then she can be up to be bathed and dressed, when the Hospice lady comes.

I nearly fell down I was laughing so hard.  So, what's the downside, was all I could think.  IF you have EVER met or known my mother, you would know she would LOVE this idea, so of course I said yes.  Years ago I used to refer to mom as "Princess Grace", so this made me laugh even harder.  Everybody should have breakfast in bed, IMO.  Especially a Princess.  :)

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