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Saturday, December 14, 2013


It doesn't happen every year but it's for sure happening this year...I've got a TERRIBLE case of the I wants.  Usually, there's just not that much I care much about, so when I do find things I like, I tend to go berserk. I'm a  feast or famine shopper.  I don't unleash the beast often but when there are things that I really like, I let myself have them.  And things I really like, I want a bunch of, in all different colors.  And I want to play with 'um.

Yesterday my neighbor and I went to the wholesale Nursery.  It was like being turned loose in a candy store.  Colors, all different textures, plants of all different shapes, sizes, species....omg....brain flood.  Suddenly, I was so overwhelmed I had to just stand there and drink it all in.  I started in the poinsettias.  I had taken a container I planned to use and while it looked fine, it was just too blah.  Next, I hit the cyclamen for my planters outside.  I filled up one box and proceeded to fill another one.  As my neighbor went about her shopping, we both admitted how easily we go into paralysis from beauty overload-- and she does this for a living.   

Then on to the orchids and succulents.  Lawd, lawd lawd.... please just let me just die here.  We. had. a. ball.  No sooner did I get home and get unloaded than I had to play with my toys.  My neighbor and I texted back and forth pictures: good, bad, or ugly, and then we did the front door hand off for her box of green moss to cover the plant tops in their respective containers. ( I did that part outside today on my table in the back yard so I wouldn't have a messy clean up.  Man, is that moss messssssy...but FUN.)   

I think allowing myself to make things beautiful is excellent self care.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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